Our approach

The relationship between counselor and client is very special.

You can expect the first few sessions to be devoted to the sharing your history and your feelings about your current situation.

“Home Assignments” are useful means of extending your learning. These may involve reading, writing, thinking, practicing new behaviors, or doing exercises related to the therapy. Each assignment will be carefully designed to increase your understanding of yourself, to enhance the effectiveness of the therapy, and to extend your growth in the rest of your life.


Everything you say during your counseling sessions will be held in the strictest confidence.  We will not share anything you say—not even, for example, to your physician or other members of your family — without your permission, except under the following conditions:

  • If you reveal that you are currently abusing a child
  • If you reveal that you are currently abusing an elderly or dependent adult.
  • When you communicate a serious threat of physical violence against a reasonably identifiable victim.

We are permitted to break confidentiality when you are in such mental or emotional condition that you are an imminent danger to yourself, to another person, or to the property of others, and when such disclosure is necessary to prevent the threatened harm.

With your written permission we are willing to share your confidential information with people you choose. You must request this in writing. We may request permission to communicate with your previous or current health care practitioners, if we think it will be helpful. Carefully collecting information in this way, particularly during our first few weeks together, can make the therapy process more efficient — saving you time and money.